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     This unique Walnut Creek home and property adjacent to the Bart Tracks created some interesting challenges.  The existing base rock and asphalt driveway that visually divided the space was together not terribly functional, pleasing to look at, or helpful in creating a cohesive space.

      My clients who have been really great to work with have two active small boys and were stumped at what to do with the space.  Some research, lots of preliminary drawings and some inspiration from a chance drawing of overlapping circles brought me to laying out a new driveway that would help with navigating in and out of the property with relative ease, create a welcoming and exciting new entry, as well as becoming the focal point of the new outdoor garden space.

      Close to completing the driveway and ready for its virgin test run, both my clients and myself are ready for its completion and then beginning the process of transforming the rest of their yard into their own utopia.

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