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Our services and how we work:

Landscape Design
We'll help you create a garden that will (and generally does ; ) hopefully surpass your expectations.  Yet we only install gardens that we've help to design.

After I've received your contact form (preferred) or phone call I'll ask you to send along some photo's of project site.  After I receive your photos I'll follow up with a short phone consultation to discuss your project, budget (both what I think it will take as well as what my client has in mind), what my design schematic will cost, and decide from there whether to proceed with an on site consultation.

My on site consultation range from $150 to $200 and will last 1 -2 hrs.  It will include a more in depth discussion of what my potential clients wants and a walk around the site.   It may include some preliminary design work with garden hoses and or spray paint, what plants to edit out, etc.  If we haven't already discussed what my design schematic will cost, I will go over the cost range then.
From there, if you decide to move forward, we'll draw up a base plan of your site and sketch out a schematic.  My schematic design is drawn to scale and will include the hardscaping (patio's, paths, decks, arbors,etc.) as well as some limited planting.   It is more of a guide for my clients to see what their final project will look like, and is not a set of working drawings.  

Site Preparation
Using the landscape plan developed as indicated above we will then prepare the site by removing any elements that haven't been worked into the plan as will as shape and trim any trees and shrubs which have been incorporated.

We install nearly every facet of your hardscaping or otherwise known as the "bones of the garden" From reusing existing material one site such as concrete or stone, or purchasing whatever materials are necessary we will build the pathways, steps, retaining walls, arbors, pergolas, decks or fences needed to begin the process of bringing your garden to life.  If mounding and decorative boulder placement are called for we also have an extensive experience here too.  If there is an aspect of the installation we are not adept in doing we have numerous craftsmen we have worked with that can help in that area.   

Planting of your garden is mostly done on site with a list of plants that we'll collaborate on.


We do install all types of irrigation systems with an emphasize on water conservation.

We work closely with our clients in designing and installing a lighting system including both standard and low voltage to address the different functions of their outdoor lighting needs.  Those include the need for security; accessibility and usability of the garden at night; as well as the general visual appeal of a beautifully lite landscape at night.  All there factors should be considered when designing a lighting system.
This is a service that is generally only available for gardens that we've designed and installed.

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